Friday, September 12, 2008

That big package from the store.. (Pt 2)

In our continuing quest to figure out what to do with our excess of bland chip like doodads, Jen decided to use them as building material for a sail boat. Not too surprisingly it floated quite well in the bathtub, though I'm not sure how much longer it would have lasted before losing its integrity.

Any suggestions for what to do with the remaining eighteen? We must use them somehow, and clearly they were not made for eating.


Kurt said...

I'm thinking that with a little frosting you could make a "gingerbread" house

Sam said...

From Judy, via Sam's access:

OK here is what you do with tasteless wafers:

Idea one - from a co-worker and knitting coach Sam -

Infuse with taste: crumble and soak in Kahula, layer with whip cream substance - mascarpone - crème fraiche - whipped with a little orange zest - pile it up parfait style and top shavings of dark choco and orange zest and a light drizzle of Kahula. Ice cream can also added.

Idea two - from me

Make them into domino's and have fun playing while drinking Cerveza and the above mentioned parfait made with ice crème and without the wafers.

Idea three -

Frisbee toss with Jose

Idea four

Frisbee toss with Iguana

Idea five -

For Eric- Use as compresses to soak up blood from injured feet.

Idea six -

Also for Eric - attach to bottom of feet to avoid further injuries.

Idea seven -

For Nic - attach to sides of head to protect ears.

Idea eight -

For Nic - soak in cerveza to soften and use as ear plug - alcohol will sterilize while making pliable.

Idea nine - While drinking lots of Cerveza: with salsa make a bulls-eye target on the table top and take turns throwing tasteless wafer pieces. Losers have to eat their pieces.

Idea ten - Use instead of bread crumbs or crackers in Iguana meatloaf.

Less iguana guano and dinner

Sam said...

...and of course, Kahula is Kahlua's lesser-known but equally tasty cousin. ;-)

Nic Pottier said...

Iguana meatloaf!?! It's an iguana preserve people! hehe.

Eric Newcomer said...

From Rob Martin..

1. Find the cracker that most resembles Jesus and throw it on ebay. Finding
this cracker in Mexico only adds to its credibility. I want a 10% rip from
all monies collected off the sell.
2. Find an impoverished beach bum and have him make a guitar out of them.
Better yet....have them make a guitar that looks like Jesus and ebay it.
Again...10% spiff for me.
3. Cut the crackers into circles and train the Iguanas to jump through them
while they are set on fire. "Flaming Crackers of Death" on mini youtube
4. Cracker thongs. Enough said.
5.Box crackers and send them to Red Cross in Galveston, TX. 1 cracker = 1
bag of sand.