Wednesday, September 10, 2008

That big package from the store..

Remember that huge package of non descript chip like things we bought? Well it turns out they ARE chips, but not for breakfast (which was my original hope) but instead just an alternative to the standard fare. Problem is, that although they come in a delicious looking 9x11" size, they are actually quite bland. We tried to choke a few down with some guacamole, but compared to their real chip brethren they didn't stand a chance.

Which left us in quite a quandary, what to do with the remaining 20 some giant sized chips that nobody wanted to eat.

We still haven't figured that one out, but in the meantime, we are having fun with the giant tasteless wafers, without further ado, behold our house of tasteless wafers!

PS. Yes, Jose does get a little chunk off of one every morning too.

Timpano Roto

So as on every morning, we went out today to catch some early waves. It was a nice change in that most of the locals weren't out and it was mostly mellower gringos out on the water. The past few days have brought some big swells (~9ft) to Sayulita and that seemed to bring out many many locals who were all incredibly aggressive in catching the waves. This made it a bit intimidating and frustrating for us beginners, any wave worth catching was always claimed.

But this morning was much better, fewer people, less locals and more surfers at approximately our skill level. I started getting used to the long board I decided to rent after giving up on the shorter and thinner board I bought at a bargain earlier in the week. Things were starting to come together nicely until as I bailed off a wave I hit my ear perfectly against the water. Much pain ensued along with the new found ability that I could exhale through my right eardrum. Hrmm, this didn't bode well.

Sayulita has been developing over the past few years, lots of real estate offices are a sure sign that a town is not only long discovered but being developed quickly. One nice side effect of that is that there is now a full time doctor available, who also happens to speak great English. After breakfast and after deciding that trucks driving by really shouldn't set off an echo chamber in my head I headed on over for a second opinion.

As I had feared, it looks like the water pressure from my oh so imperfect dismount caused me to blow out my right ear drum. It sounds worse that it is and I guess is fairly common. The only real blow is that I have to stay out of the water for three days to prevent infections as it heals and seals itself back up. Oh and I have to live through the humiliation of having Jen and Eric put eardrops in my ears thrice daily. (how you are supposed to count ten drops in each ear yourself I have no idea)

So a reminder of something I already knew, be extra aware of your dismounts as you jump off the board. I suppose this gives me some time to catch up on the work I have been too tired to do up to now.

La Comida de Mexico

I feel that whenever traveling, the most important part that will determine how you view the country and your trip is the food. If you find it delicious, filling, exotic and even a bargain, then you are bound to enjoy yourself immensely.

In this aspect, Mexico delivers on all counts. Although Sayulita suffers from the universal curse of beach side restaurants with so-so food, it also sports more authentic (and far more delicious) street food and other restaurants right on the plaza.

Our now favorite breakfast spot is located just off the plaza and sports some of the tastiest iced mochas we've ever had. Yes, it is true that we don't usually have our mochas after three hours of paddling and that might bias our opinion, but they really are something else.

Of course, the drinks are only part of the equation, and this same restaurant also sports delicious breakfast items. Yesterday Eric discovered their awesome Huevos Rancheros, and today Jen sampled their Mexican eggs which were both pretty darn tasty.

As good as the food is, and as nice as the waitress is to us, I must comment on one particularly funny little trick they keep playing on us. Somewhere near the end of our meal, she will come by with a little bite of something or another. Yesterday, a side of pan fried potatoes, today a pancake with fruit on the side. She usually says something about it being extra from the kitchen or whatnot, and for whatever reason I always seem to be the target.
Today we thought this was pretty funny, second time around, she must like us or something. But of course we are hopelessly gullible gringos, and these little extras really aren't free, but options one must refuse. That extra pancake (which we all agreed was insanely yummy BTW), 15 pesos on the bill. How.. how.. dare they!? And we thought they were our friends!

But we ARE going back tomorrow regardless, that pancake (and the coffee) is too good to pass up. Now just wait until we tell you about the street food at night..