Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Adjusting to surf time

We stop at Barra de Nexpa to take in the pounding surf. Only a handful of short-boarders are attempting the rough, muddy wave. The rest of the town is deserted. Up and down the beach, empty palapas that should host throngs of sunny, euphoric tourists stand, dark and unwelcoming. Without the distraction of lively people, it’s eerie and strange. We leave promptly.

The next stop is another small beach-side village. The magic wave we’ve heard about fulfills all stories and peels down the line for minutes on end. It’s mind-blowing. We greet two surfers. They happen to be from Bellingham, WA. They drove all the way down and are “stuck” until their van get’s fixed. How long have you been here?

Saltwater bloodshot eyes look at us. What day is it today?

He asks the question like one might ask you your name. With casual indifference, because it doesn’t really matter whether you respond with “john” or “joya”, it’s a mere technicality. I have a hard time remembering. Jen and Eric left yesterday the 22, Sunday.

Nic chimes in with today’s Monday the 23rd.

We look at them, eagerly. As they look at eachother, assessing time that's come and gone between morning beach swells, high tides and afternoon siestas.

Five weeks? We’ve been here five weeks.


Eric Newcomer said...

Ya know, if you are willing to live out of a van I bet you guys could pull that off too.

joya said...

Yeah, I spent my formative years being driven in/driving/broken down in VW vans of all make. The van part might be a tough sell. ;)

Strangely enough, turns out the guys were actually Mt Baker locals. Who would think you'd come to an abscure Mexican beach town and end up talking 'bout Glacier, WA.

joya said...

Oh and, sensing your dissaproval, I added pics to most of the new posts now.

Eric Newcomer said...

fascinating. i was having some serious disapproval over those picture-less posts.

Eric Newcomer said...

..and then there was silence.