Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Joining the Family

The other day we were sitting out on the porch looking out across the roof when I noticed something large crawling to my right. Much to my dismay, our new friend Max, determined to come inside and visit us, had found roof access and was making his way on to the porch! Concerned for his well being we've decided perhaps its best to just leave the door open for him.

However, we can't just let random street dogs run rampant through our borrowed casa. Nic propositioned that we just go the whole nine and give Jose a bath -- so we did.

And by we, I mean Nic. It became increasingly clear as Nic lathered up the old boy that he is a kept dog. He took it very well as if he knew that by putting up with it he would be rewarded in short order. And he was right. Not only did the fresh fur earn him free passage into the house, he was rewarded with a fine spread of doggy appropriate food. He had crunchy kibble adorned with day old wood-fired pizza (okay, I admit it, I had pizza while watching the Seahawks game on Sunday at Don Pedro's). To finish it off, a crunchy taquito de pollo.. mmm.