Friday, September 19, 2008

Los Postres de Sayulita

It only took a week deprived of chocolate and dessert before I started earnestly seeking them out.  I started with packaged Oreos from the nearby Tienda.  Coming away completely unsatisfied, I started to hit the harder stuff with homemade chocolate cake with 3 types of milk from the bake sale type stand in the plaza.  Since soggy chocolate cake isn't quite my style, I was soon visiting the local ice cream stores.  There I found satisfaction in a double scoop sugar cone and "nieves" or ice cream bars lightly covered in chocolate with coconut.  And for a reason I cannot understand, the coconut here is addictive.  I will order something just to eat the Mexican coconut coating the treat.

Which leads to the famous, original Chocobanana.  Which, by the way, was a total let down.  The chocolate and coconut barely made this worth finishing... barely.  And then we discovered Robert's bakery.  Open only from 5 pm to 10 pm, with the menu changing every night, Robert is a fabulously flamboyant English speaker in this earthy Mexican town.  But it was here I was finally able to satisfy my discerning sweet tooth with giant  brownies, marble cake with chocolate frosting, and an almond praline cookie with the texture of a boiled cookie.  Needless to say, since the discovery of Robert's, I have been making a nightly walk by for that night's dessert and enough for tomorrow morning's breakfast.

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